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    How annoying that such heavy snowfall hampered travel arrangements for so many people! The Rift Staff were on Site Saturday setting up as usual and as the day rolled on it was becoming apparent that the Weather Forecast was certainly looking bad......
    Having said that, we were VERY lucky to have 31 players make it to the Site and enjoy Sunday's Christmas Games!
    TANKACLAUSE (our very own Marshal - TANK) was a great sport and was the main Target for GRINCH Team to Capture him! Prizes were given and Lots of Fun was had!
    We ran several Mini Games and even had a SNOWBALL fight in the Grasslands to finish the day!
    Thank you for the messages from Players who were desperately wanting to come but just couldn't make the journey.
    Of course, it goes without saying a HUGE MASSIVE thank you to the Players who did manage to get to the Site..... The Snow made it feel so much more Festive!
    On a Personal note: The Rift Marshals make me so Proud. They got up extra early and drove 75 miles to make sure they were on Duty!
    I Salute you! Thanks Chaps ~ Tony

    Enjoy the Photo's and see you all at Com's 3 for the NEW YEAR BASH on the 30th of December!

    CLICK ME! -
    Com's Site 3 CHRISTMAS ALBUM

    Massive thanks to the Marshals!:
    Almost 300 photo's for you to enjoy!

    Please feel free to copy the images etc....

    R.I.F.T. Airsoft is Proud to Announce.....

    SUNDAY 17th of DECEMBER!

    Harmer Green Wood
    (Welwyn, Hertfordshire)
    AL6 0UL (nearest Postcode)
    Optional Christmas FANCY DRESS!
    Hidden Goodies, Mince Pies & Cake!
    Prizes for the BEST 3 Fancy Dress!

    The SITE:
    The Site boasts approximately 44 Acres of natural Woodland.
    The terrain is varied with a lot of dense wood and open areas.
    Large Car park and very nice Safezone, with kitchen, flushing Toilets & facilities!

    Please download our disclaimer and bring it with you to speed up your signing in process.
    (We have plenty of printed Copies on site)

    On Site Shop & Retailers
    COMBAT-UK & Airsoft Monkey (Tech Repairs + Upgrades) will be on Site! Lot's of Airsoft Weapons, accessories and equipment available! Raffle too!

    Registration and further details
    PLEASE read all info by clicking HERE Thank You!

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    It's free!

    3rd of December @ The VILLAGE!
    PHOTO's are Ready to VIEW!

    As always - HUGE thank you to all involved!
    Our second visit to this Site proved to be very enjoyable indeed!
    The Staff at Apocalypse always make us feel welcome
    We took on board the feedback from the first Game Day and changed things accordingly.... the only setback on the day was a slight imbalance with the Teams (Reds seemed to dominate) even though we did have a Team re-shuffle!
    Spirits were kept high though by accelerating the Mini Games in the Village itself before it got too dark!
    I could hear the Laughter and Screams from afar!

    CLICK ME! -
    PHOTO's 3rd of December - The VILLAGE

    Massive thanks to the Marshals!:
    Over 300 photo's for you to enjoy!

    Please feel free to copy the images etc....

    Fantastic Day at
    Photo's are Ready to VIEW!

    Photo's from another AMAZING DAY at The BOMB DUMP are ready to view!
    Lower numbers isn't particularly good towards paying the bills but it sure does add a lot of extra excitement and tactical gameplay!
    36 Wonderful Players!
    Feedback from the day was fantastic - thank you all for coming along!
    The Photo's look amazing (some great RED on BLUE close up and personal!)
    We are back at The BOMB DUMP January 7th - 2018
    Take care all!

    to View The Photo's via the R.I.F.T. Gallery

    Massive thanks to the Marshals!:
    Almost 300 photo's for you to enjoy!

    Please feel free to copy the images etc....

    26th of November!
    PHOTO's are Ready to VIEW!

    Massive THANK YOU to everyone who came along on the 26th of November!
    Simply FANTASTIC Airsoft Battles, BRILLIANT Sportsmanship and lots of OUTSTANDING Hit Taking & Honesty!
    Met up with Ratty (Badger Tac), Staff and Players! I've not seen Ratty in AGES - thanks so much for coming along with your Guys 'n' Gals!
    3 Cheers for Ratty!

    Great Day, Great Weather, Great People!
    Thank you all so much!
    Enjoy the Photo's!

    CLICK ME! -
    COM's Site 3 - 26th November PHOTO ALBUM

    Massive thanks to the Marshals!:
    Over 600 photo's for you to enjoy!

    Please feel free to copy the images etc....

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    SUNDAY 17th of December
    "Harmergreen Wood"
    (near Old Welwyn)
    Robbery Bottom Lane
    AL6 0US
    (Nearest Postcode)

    SATURDAY 30th of December
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    Open Skirmish
    OX17 1LZ

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