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    R.I.F.T. Airsoft offers yearly Membership for 25.
    But why would you want to become a member?

    We love Airsoft in all its glory - from the Lone Soldier to the Elite Squad!

    Every Member will be presented with a Membership Shield that has a unique 3 digit number.
    The R.I.F.T. Airsoft Membership Shield symbolises a unity of players who appreciated what we stand for; Sportsmanship, Friendship & Honesty.

    R.I.F.T. Airsoft is proud to say that over 850 Membership Shields have been presented to date!

    Meet new players - trade, receive discounts on Ammunition, chat and most importantly, meet on the Battlefield!

    Membership is optional and costs 25 a year.
    You do not have to purchase Membership to play at any R.I.F.T. Site!

    As a member you will receive the following benefits:

    • Minimum of 10% Discount on Retail Airsoft Guns & Accessories
      This alone is worth more than 25 if you require any type of Airsoft Gun or Equipment.(UKARA Rules Apply-Subject to Trade Restrictions)
    • 3000 rounds of .20g BB's 5!
      Ammo is reasonable anyway but as a R.I.F.T. Airsoft Member you will only pay 5 for 3000 rounds of quality Blaster .20g BB's!
    • 3000 rounds of .25g BB's 7!
      Ammo is reasonable anyway but as a R.I.F.T. Airsoft Member you will only pay 7 for 3000 rounds of quality Blaster .25g BB's!
    • 5 Discount On Full Hire Package!
      You support R.I.F.T. - We support you!
    • R.I.F.T Airsoft Member Shield
      High quality Arm Shield with Metallic Thread. Velcro backing attached so it can be added to any form of clothing! Comes with a unique lifetime membership number!
    • UKARA Registration
      Play 3 games in a space of more than 2 months and R.I.F.T. Airsoft can register you with the UKARA Database allowing you to buy Realistic Imitation Firearm(s). We guarantee your UKARA Number will match your Membership Number.
      Please note Membership is NOT necessary for UKARA application
    • Membership Lounge Access
      Private forum area for members only.
    • Priority booking for R.I.F.T Events
      You will be first on the list for any game events!
      --(5 day period applies)
    • Special Discounts with Pro Airsoft Supplies!
    • Special Discounts with Combat-UK!
    • Special Discounts with Action Hobbies!
    • Special Discounts with A2 Supplies @ The Mall!
      Receive 10% Discount on many Products from Pro Airsoft Supplies!
      (Not Including TM, Magpul or Special Offers or Promotions)
      Receive 10% Discount on Products from Combat-UK Stevenage!
      (Not Including Special Offers or Promotions)
      Receive 10% Discount on Products from Action Hobbies Bletchley!
      (Not Including Special Offers or Promotions)

    Terms & Conditions
    Membership Fees are fixed and non-refundable.

    The applicant may renew their membership if they wish to do so at the end of the 12 months.

    Membership Discounts apply to all Active Members at ANY R.I.F.T. Airsoft Site.

    All Members details will be held securely and will not be shared with any third party.

    All Members Shields are unique with the users membership number.
    This Number will remain with you for life!

    Members that are not local to the South East of England and do not attend R.I.F.T. events can still take advantage of our discounts and special offers (subject to terms) please contact info@riftairsoft.com for more details before committing to Membership.

    Minimum of 10% discount is taken from standard retail price, subject to availability from our trade suppliers. Simply contact us with your requirements!

    Gain Instant Membership online through Paypal Now:

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    Sign up for Paypal here, It's safer, it's faster and it's everywhere. Use PayPal to shop at thousands of web-sites, knowing that your financial details are never shared.

    We also accept: Cash at any R.I.F.T Event.
    The Membership Form Can Be Found Here. Simply Save & Print It Off & Bring It With You To The Next Event

    Or, Email the info;

    IMPORTANT: To verify your membership R.I.F.T. Airsoft needs the following information:

    1. Forum Username
    2. Title, Forename and Surname
    3. Date of Birth
    4. Full Address including Postcode
    5. Registered Email Address
    6. Mobile Phone Number
    7. UKARA Number (if held)
    Please email this in the above format to info@riftairsoft.com once you have completed payment. Thank you

  • R.I.F.T. Event Dates

    Game Bookings typically
    Open 10-14 Days before
    the Event Date......

    Quick link for BOOKING IN:
    When a Game Date is Open,
    Please click the GREEN Bar Below:

    SUNDAY 19th of November
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ

    SUNDAY 26th of November
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    "Open Skirmish"
    OX17 1LZ

    SUNDAY 3rd of December
    "Open Skirmish"
    SG8 5JS

    SUNDAY 3rd of December
    "The BOMB DUMP"
    (near Andover, Hampshire)
    "Christmas Skirmish!"
    SO20 8DY

    SUNDAY 10th of December
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ

    SUNDAY 17th of December
    "Harmergreen Wood"
    (near Old Welwyn)
    Robbery Bottom Lane
    AL6 0US
    (Nearest Postcode)

    SATURDAY 30th of December
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    Open Skirmish
    OX17 1LZ

    Please Note:
    PMR Radios are permitted for
    use on our Sites.
    Licensed Radios must comply
    to UK regulations.
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