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20th November 2013, 06:09 AM

ive got some spare time coming up with the wife away in India for two weeks and im planning on finally getting around to fixing up a dirt cheap MP7 TM clone i got over a year ago.

story goes i wanted a MP7 didnt have the money for a good one so got a cheap ass "well R4" and some bits to fix it up, new gears, barrel etc.

i tried fixing it up on the day i got it, failed hard and its sat in a box for the last year in parts, now im going to sit down and work on till i got it working.

so mostly wanting to see what other project you lot have on at the moment or old projects that worked out great and you still use today or failings like my own that are just sat around or passed on,

20th November 2013, 07:39 AM
Got a cheap TM M16A2 about 10 years ago on the forums and finally got it perfected over the weekend (deans connectors all round now). As every part of the gun has been changed I cant call it an M16 anymore but it has been a great project gun as it took a decade to get it working properly/at all.

If anyone wants some help creating a high ROF AEG give me a shout, I am getting 25+ RPS with a 9.6v battery and will fit a mosfet then try an 11.1v lipo to really push it. Next gun will be using a dual sector gearset to push things a bit further.

What are your plans for the MP7? Just trying to get it working or something more drastic?

20th November 2013, 07:07 PM
I'm loving the idea of self build, best place to start?
Body? If so common M4?
Might as well make one.......