View Full Version : Any advice for someone who's never even considered modification before

Pastor of Muppets
15th February 2014, 08:58 PM
Evening Ladies and Gents

After much discussing I have been convinced that its time to upgrade the ICS L86a2.
I'm happy with the fps at a smidge under 350 but would like to increase the ROF and range.
Makes perfect sense I hear you say but here's the rub I have no idea how to achieve this!
I've heard a lot of talk of barrel tightening and R-hops. I've heard that fitting a tighter barrel leads to other parts needing upgrading to cope?
Basically I'm happy to put about 150 into this and would like any and all advice and recommendations (offers of help) that there are!
Thanks in advance

Andy C

15th February 2014, 11:30 PM
NickG just invested in one today, he spent some time going through upgrades etc with the tech guy on the stand.