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12th January 2015, 10:33 AM
Hi all,
My Xmas present doesn't want to work properly, I would be very thankful for any help or advice how to sort it out.
Video will describe it better than my poor english :D


My first thought was broken mag, but results are same with any mag. Doesn't matter on temperature, tried it indoor and outdoor, also charged mags and left them to warm up.
Changed piston head for metal one (nine ball). Knocker seems to work fine. That gas unit above the mag (don't know how it's called) in slide doesn't seem to be cracked, or damaged (took it out and made visual check). I run out of ideas what can be wrong.
If anyone has any clue, let me know please.

13th January 2015, 11:10 PM
When I had this on another gun it was the piston head o-ring becoming very dry, so it was dragged out of place after a few shots and resulted in venting of gas.

The one thing you never mention in your post above is lubrication - what's the current state for your 1911?

22nd January 2015, 01:56 AM
I don't think it's lack of lubrication. I used plenty of silicone oil, o ring isn't dry for sure. Tried all tricks google offered me, but can't get more then 3 shots followed by fountain... This problem is not rare as I found out, but I didn't find solution for my gun yet.