View Full Version : Is it possible to use this helmet in airsofting?

15th December 2016, 07:05 PM

So I'm thinking of getting this helmet for air-softing and I was wondering if I would have to wear air-softing glasses underneath this, or would this be enough protection providing it was a proper air-softing SWAT helmet.


- Dairyn

16th December 2016, 09:42 AM

I will need to inspect it and see you wearing it before its used the Game Environment!
In theory, as long as there are no gaps and it the visor meets the correct ballistic standards - it should be fine!

Thank you,


19th December 2016, 01:54 PM
Do you have a link? There are certain safety certifications "airsoft safe" eye protection meets.

Never risk it. One of my friends found a pair of goggles that felt incredibly sturdy that he wanted to use, but he wanted to test them out first, so another friend shot them (the glasses, not the first guy!) at about 5ft away with a 340fps gun and the BB went straight through. It literally blew a hole through them, taking an intact BB and fragments of plastic into what would have been his eye.

If you want to use the helmet for a particular look, stick a pair of proper glasses or goggles on underneath IMO.