• What is Airsoft?

    What is Airsoft?

    Everyone has heard of Paintball. Let's use that as a comparison.....

    Airsoft is very similar to Paintball except for a few key differences:

    No “paintballs” are used.
    The ammunition fired from airsoft guns are 6mm plastic balls (bb’s) that do not break on impact with a human target. As the ammunition is made from plastic, the only mess left behind are the bb's themselves and are easily swept up!
    Biodegradable ammunition is available.

    Airsoft can also be described as a modern combat sport in which participants eliminate their opponents by hitting them with spherical low powered projectiles.

    Airsoft is a game of honour - players MUST call "HIT!" when a bb makes contact with them. All Players will be able re-join the battle shortly after.
    The airsoft guns look realistic (most guns are exact replicas).

    Airsoft started in Japan back in the early 1990’s. The main type of airsoft gun is electric – hence the shortened name AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) it uses a mini battery to turn a motor inside the gun that operates a piston to fire the 6mm plastic balls at approx 330 feet per second (FPS) they can fire in full auto or semi auto modes.

    Airsoft is still a growing sport – a lot of people don’t even know it exists! World War Two airsoft is gathering pace at the moment due to a release of different WWII AEG’s. Anyone can play Airsoft – its not just “Boys N Toys”. We have many young ladies that play regularly. Airsoft is fun, exciting and promotes teamwork !

    In 2007 the Government banned the sale of airsoft guns to “Joe Public”. This has resulted in much tighter restrictions and made the airsoft community a lot stronger in the UK.

    The guns are made to look “real”. Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF's) are referred to by the Government Legislation passed in 2007 under the heading “The VCR Bill”. As a community we are 100% behind this bill as it prohibits “just anyone” from buying a realistic replica weapon.

    There are guideline FPS limits to maintain a code of safety. The limits at R.I.F.T. Airsoft are;

    350feet per second for full auto
    500feet per second for bolt action rifles.

  • R.I.F.T. Event Dates

    Game Bookings typically
    Open on the Monday
    at 9am 13 Days before
    the Event Date.....

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    SATURDAY 9th of December
    Open Skirmish!
    "The BATTERY"
    Woodside Farm
    Gallows Green Rd
    Great Dunmow
    CM6 3QS

    Sunday 10th of December
    Open Skirmish!
    "The BATTERY"
    Woodside Farm
    Gallows Green Rd
    Great Dunmow
    CM6 3QS

    Sunday 17th of December
    Optional FANCY DRESS!
    OX13 6BX

    SATURDAY & Sunday 23/24th of December
    See you on the 30th of December!

    SATURDAY 30th of December
    NEW YEAR Skirmish! (TBC)
    "The BATTERY"
    Woodside Farm
    Gallows Green Rd
    Great Dunmow
    CM6 3QS

    More Dates added soon!


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