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    PHOTOs are UP!


    Ok.... that was AMAZING!!!!!
    Such a great weekend with so many wonderful people!
    The Months of planning and weeks of tweaks to the Site certainly made a difference for everyone to enjoy! The Weather was lovely (albeit somewhat hot!) but that is better than Cold and Wet by a long shot!

    Considering we catered for almost 1000 people over 2 days, the Event went without any major hiccups! Yes, we had a few "issues" to deal with (as Airsoft seems to always have) however, the main issue for us was TEAM BALANCE!
    Seeing as players can nip in and out of the Game whenever they want it meant that poor old RED Team seemed to always be outnumbered!
    We do, of course try to adapt, however, REDS can come back at any time and then BLUES would be outnumbered!

    The Night Ops (unlike last Year) was actually "Dusk Ops!)
    Such beautiful weather = light evening! We didn't want to run too late as there are residents nearby, so, sorry to those who felt the Night Ops wasn't dark enough!
    The "Revolver" Duels were fantastic to watch, along with the "Time Trial" Competitions too!
    The Military Vehicles were amazing as always and we were VERY lucky to have the RARE "ALVIS SCARAB" in which only TWO were built!
    Not only was it on Site, players could actually get inside it as it was USED on the Battlefield!
    The Games ran well considering the volume of players and the relaxed approach to the whole Event.
    The Trade and Sales area was very busy... some people reported excellent sales and bargains, others said it wasn't so good for them.
    I personally sold LOTS of my own bits but I marked them down to sell at great prices!

    The Photos in this Album were taken by the RIFT Marshals, however, we have more to come from "David" the DRONE Pilot, along with the "mini movie" we made at Lunch time! More news to follow soon!
    David also made a quick Video for us to enjoy - it can be found on my Facebook Page here:

    Krios Photography were also on Site and took lots of Premium Photos for you to choose:
    Krios Photography - SYR 2023

    Huge shout to EVERYONE who made this day so Special!

    Thank you all so much Enjoy the PHOTOS!



    BIG SHOUT to the Marshals for these Photos!
    MORE to come very soon from our Professional Photographer including DRONE footage!
    Thank you ALL for Playing at RIFT Airsoft SYR 2023!

    PHOTOs from the 14th of May at REDCON-2!

    What an Amazing Day!
    Now thats how Airsoft should be!
    236 amazing people playing Airsoft and having FUN!
    Sure, there were a few issues here and there (as always!) but over all it was 99% brilliant considering the volume of players!
    Thank you all so much for coming along.
    We thought it would be quiet this weekend as the Epic "Shift Your Rifts" is only 2 weeks away!
    The Photos are amazing and you can clearly see that the Summer Months are also not too far away!
    Enjoy the Photos!

    CLICK HERE - 14th of May - REDCON-2

    Thank you ALL for Playing at RIFT Airsoft!
    See you all real soon!

    PHOTOS! 7th of May 2023!

    Ok... so, this was a tough day!
    The RIDGE:
    Rain on Saturday made the RIDGE somewhat "slippery" in places for Sundays Game to be run as planned. They Marshal Team had to adapt (for Safety reasons) which was also considered in the planning stage during the week (yes, we know!) However the challenge was compunded by players who were not following rules. We can only apologise to players WHO do follow the simple rules and enjoy the day as intened.
    The Marshals work hard to try to resolve the issues reported and, to be fair th them, it is a tough job and can be very demoralising to say the least.

    Great Game play, nice Team Work and a good day (all bar other issues) that have been dealt with. We love the Bomb Dump and plan to add as much as the MoD will allow us too! The New Cabin is great, however, we have been instructed to move it away from the Tower, so expect a reshuffle of the SafeZone!

    Airsoft is a fantastic Sport, Enjoyed by many, spoiled by just a few.
    Everyone is Welcome, follow the rules and have a great day!
    That's not too hard is it?

    Enjoy the PHOTOS!



    Thank you ALL for Playing at RIFT Airsoft!
    See you all real soon!


    The RIDGE!

    Battle Report - R.I.F.T Airsoft Battle Sim

    Firstly a massive Thank You to everyone who attended the first 'Battle Sim' and made it such a great day!
    The Battle sim was designed as a watered down version of the Rift Sim event.... but yet still a more advanced day to the regular Skirmish.
    This could be proven hard to accomplish in just a morning preparation for the players.
    That being said players did well on the fly and picked bits up on the go. So well done everyone.
    Team Rouge (Red), The Bandits (Blues) and The Enforcers (Yellow) made the x3 teams for the day.
    Teams then split into Alpha and Bravo, Team Leader, 2ics, medics and Mortar teams selected there and then.... and off you all went to BATTLE!
    Being our first 'Battle Sim' I hope you guys and gals enjoyed it just as much as we did.
    A few tweaks here and there will make for improvements on future 'Battle Sims'.
    For those hardcore lot..... a RiftSim is on the horizon!!

    Score cards recorded on the day;

    Build FOB at requested Grid Reference Y
    Recover Large Ammo creates 2/2
    Pop smoke at Grid Reference 5/6
    Steal USB from Enemy Base 0/2
    Locate and hold Enemy mortar 2/2
    Recon the land & update map 6/6
    Collect I.D tags from T/L & 2ic 0/4
    Fire x2 Mortars into Enemy Base 2/4

    Build hidden FOB Y
    Deploy Mortar in Grid Reference N (not deployed properly)
    Recover Ammo Tins to Mortar 2/3
    Steal Enemy USB 1/2
    Locate and hold Enemy Mortar 1/1
    Recon the land & update map 0/6
    Collect I.D tags from T/L & 2ic 0/4
    Fire x2 Mortars into Enemy Base 1/2

    Build hidden FOB Y
    Deploy Mortar in Grid Reference Y
    Recover Ammo Tins to Mortar 1/3
    Steal Enemy USB 0/2
    Locate and hold Enemy Mortar 1/1
    Recon the land & update map 3/6
    Collect I.D tags from T/L & 2ic 2/4
    Fire x2 Mortars into Enemy Base 1/2

    Again...... Thank You and we shall see you at the next one!

    CLICK HERE - BATTLE-SIM - 30th April 2023

    BIG SHOUT to the Marshals for the Photos
    Thank you ALL for Playing at RIFT Airsoft!

    PHOTOs are UP!


    We cannot thank you all enough for choosing to play at Rift Airsoft REDCON-2!
    As we are all aware, the cost of living is going up for all of us & fuel prices just don't seem to be going back down quick enough! We appreciate everyone who gets up early and takes their time to come and play!
    The Weather was just right and we all had a great time, however we must apologize for the LATE GATE Opening - this was due to unforeseen Cadet Training... It held us up and blocked the road!

    One of the Games we ran was "BOMB RUN EXTREME" as it seems to be a very popular Game! It was brilliant to see everyone getting stuck in and enjoying themselves!
    We hope you had a great time and look forward to seeing you all again real soon! Enjoy the Photos!

    CLICK HERE - April 16th @ RECON-2

    BIG SHOUT to the Marshals for the Photos
    Thank you ALL for Playing at RIFT Airsoft!

    At Coms Site 3!

    Thank You!
    A SAD but HAPPY time!
    Such an AMAZING group of WONDERFUL people took the time to share LAST Weekend for at least 2 years at Coms Site 3!
    The memories, friendships, fun and great times over the past 10 Years have made us all VERY lucky people indeed!
    We know MANY people wanted to come but had other plans (Easter!) or couldn't get booked in! We missed you lots!

    The Site will now go into "Maintenance Mode" with regular visits for tidying and building. The mud will turn to Grass and the whole Site will be looked after like never before!

    I would like to take this moment to THANK the 1000's of people who have played at Coms Site 3 & THANK the STAFF for their dedication and support!

    SUNDAY was the last official Skirmish here to make way for HS2 to build their Tunnel! Myself, the Marshal's and STAFF had a great time playing alongside you all - we all had so much FUN!

    R.I.F.T. Airsoft IS actively looking for another Site but we just haven't been able to find anywhere as yet! If you know LAND OWNERS with possible suitable LAND to rent, please let me know!

    In the meantime, we look foreat to seeing you at:
    Rift Airsoft: REDCON-2 (Abingdon) The RIDGE (nr Luton) The BOMB DUMP (Andover)

    Bless you all & thank you!
    Enjoy the Photos! ~ Tony R.I.F.t. HQ

    CLICK HERE - 8th of April @ Coms 3

    CLICK HERE - 9th of April (Easter Sunday)

    Thank you ALL for Playing at RIFT Airsoft!
    See you all at another R.I.F.T. SITE soon!

    This EPIC Event is back for the 3rd time at Dalton Barracks!
    (27th - 28th of MAY, OX13 6BX - Abingdon, Oxfordshire)
    Expect the BEST in terms of Airsoft Missions and objectives, including a variety of interactive Military Vehicles!
    Time to clear out your Armoury and "SHIFT YOUR RIFt's!"
    Militaria and collectable Boot Sellers, Leading Airsoft Retailers, Airsoft Innovators and Importers!
    The Site is FANTASTIC; CQB, open areas and woodland. The MoD use this area for training, so it must be good! We have booked in several additional Armoured Vehicles and a Scout Helicopter to add to the combat Missions! Tweaks have been made from feedback on last Events to deliver another great experience for you all...

    All Day Airsoft with a slight pause to swap respawns!
    Play as little or as much Airsoft as you like!
    Raffles & Competitions - Prizes can be Won!
    Night Games planned for SATURDAY Evening - bring Night Vision/Torches & Tracer Rounds! (night Game is optional, it's up to you!)

    Avoid the SATURDAY morning rush and turn up NO EARLIER than 6:30pm FRIDAY 26th! Gate will CLOSE at 8pm SHARP & will NOT open again until 7am Saturday, so PLEASE don't be LATE!
    Bring your own food for Friday Evening - thank you!
    Free Camping;
    Please keep your area TIDY & throw all rubbish in the Bins Provided.
    We will cater for you all weekend, however, you are welcome to bring your own pre-cooked food. COOKING/WARMING is ONLY allowed inside Caravans, Motorhomes or similar (NO OPEN FLAME outside please) MoD RULES - - NO lit fires/BBQs or Stoves allowed!! (FIRE HAZARD!)
    Camping for under 18's is prohibited unless accompanied by a Parent or Guardian.

    Bring your unwanted items!
    EVERYONE who books in to play is also Welcome to bring their unwanted Airsoft and Military equipment to sell & let's not waste the opportunity to grab a bargain too!
    Bring some tables to set up your sales at the back of your Vehicle!
    (Sellers of RIFs MUST check the buyer has a VALID defence to purchase)
    All trades must be completed honestly. No illegal items permitted on Site at any time.
    Non Playing Militaria/Airsoft Boot Sellers and Visitors/Guests are Welcome!
    See Booking info for details!


    PHOTOs from the 2nd of April!


    TWO fantastic MoD Sites for you to play!
    Thank you ALL so much for coming along and sharing the day with us and we hope you had a great time!
    It was a rather CHILLY start but it warmed up in the afternoon and the Sun came out to put a smile on everyone's face!
    At the Bomb Dump we had a great time! The NEW 32ft Cabin in the Safe Zone was a very Welcome addition to the Site!
    We will be adding more defences to make the open areas more interactive; HESCO worked really well! We had a Birthday Celebration which resulted in the Star of the Show running the "Gauntlet" I'm sure he loved every second!
    Well done Kamil!
    Kostas nailed the Day as a R.I.F.T. Airsoft HOST for the 1st time!
    Well done Kostas!
    (just stop adding extra bits to the briefing!)
    Reports from REDCON-2 also confirm another amazing day! It's the players that make it this way... all we do is set the Site, manage props and games and organise everything BUT ultimately, it's the Players who make the day good or bad!
    Thank you ALL for a great day!
    Enjoy the Photos!

    CLICK HERE - 2nd of April @ The BOMB DUMP

    CLICK HERE - 2nd of April @ REDCON-2

    Thank you ALL so much for Playing!
    If you have never played before - give it a try, it's AWESOME!

    Thanks to the Rift Marshal Team as always!
    See you next time

    PHOTOs are UP!

    2 Great Days!
    Rift Airsoft - Coms Site 3

    Photos from this fantastic Weekend at Coms Site 3 are ready to View! Lot's of New Players and Regulars joined us for another AMAZING time!
    The "Bomb Run Extreme" Game proved to be, once again, very popular indeed! Even with a "little bit" of rain on Sunday it was still a great weekend of Airsoft Fun!
    Very soon, this site will have to close for 2+ Years... it will be missed

    Thank you ALL for choosing to play at R.I.F.T. Airsoft!
    Enjoy the Photos!

    CLICK HERE - Saturday 25th of March @ Coms 3

    CLICK HERE - Sunday 26th of March @ Coms 3

    HUGE Thank You to the Marshal Team - these guys are LEGENDS!!
    See you all real soon!

    Coms Site 3 – Chipping Warden (OX17 1LZ)

    (Our last Games will be Easter Weekend; Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of April 2023)

    Many of you are aware that HS2 (High Speed Rail 2) are building a rail line from London to Birmingham.
    The announcement and realisation that we would be affected by this rail project goes back to 2014 and since then I have been working VERY hard to minimise the impact it will have to one of the best Airsoft Sites in the UK!
    I went to Parliament in 2015 and explained that although I do not oppose HS2 in principle, there must be a way that they can plan their works so we can still operate as usual. HS2 are building a “cut and cover” tunnel right outside our Site and need to dig up the access road leading to Coms Site 3. They have also taken land from us, forcing us to relocate the original Safe Zone.
    Initially, HS2 were very supportive and we started to make plans for a New Safe Zone and access road to the Site.
    Years have flown by and things have changed considerably… I have spent 100’s of hours with emails, maps, finances, plans, online meetings, phone calls and Site meetings, however, plans started to make a turn for the worse.
    We had to move from our original Safe Zone in 2021. I quickly re-mapped the Site and moved our old Safe Zone to the other Side of the Land so we can keep running. This has given us another Year and a half of Games!
    There is only so much I can do but HS2 are ultimately in charge of what will happen. They are after all, backed by Government.

    Sadly, I have FAILED.

    Yesterday, HS2 have officially written to me to confirm that they will be closing the access track to our Site from week commencing the 11th of April for approximately 2 Years.
    They will NOT be providing an alternative access road and have tried to seek permission to gain access through private land without success.

    What does this mean? R.I.F.T. Airsoft Coms Site 3 will TEMPORARILY CLOSE for approx. 2 years from the 11th of April.

    R.I.F.T. Airsoft’s tenancy is UNAFFECTED (yes, I still have to pay my Rent!) and we still have a very long contract on the Land, so we will be back as soon as HS2 reinstate the track road to the Site (some time in 2025?)
    We will secure permission to walk across the adjoining land and carry out MONTHLY Maintenance on the Site which will include upgrading and adding new defences and features. When we reopen, the Site will be even better than it is right now!
    I know some of you live local to the Site and it will come as a blow for you to read this announcement.
    We are still very lucky to have 3 other Sites for you to enjoy and we are working VERY hard to find new Sites for you to play, so please don’t think your Membership or attendance isn’t appreciated.
    The Nearest R.I.F.T. Airsoft Site to Coms Site 3 is REDCON-2 (Abingdon OX13 6BX) and we also have The BOMB DUMP in Hampshire (SO20 8DY) and The RIDGE near LUTON (MK45 4LG)

    Our last Games will be Easter Weekend (Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of April 2023)
    I would personally like to extend my gratitude to the THOUSANDS of people who have played at this Site since we opened in July 2012. We have met some amazing people. Many friends, relationships and memories!
    Other than Skirmish, we have run Zombie Games and Rift Sim (Battle Sim) Events. ASG EVO & Blaster Tour, Competitions, Fancy Dress, Stag, Corporate Events, Halloween and much more!
    The Site is part of our DNA and it put Rift Airsoft on the Map in terms of a great value for money Airsoft Site to play!

    To say I am upset and sad to write this message to you all is an understatement. I was going to record a Video but I doubt I would be able to compose myself for too long and say the words “we have to close”, so, here is a wall of text instead!

    So, booking will open for Easter Weekend on Monday the 27th of March. I will slightly increase the number of players for this weekend so we can really go out with a BANG!
    I will also allow the Marshals to play along Side you on Sunday the 9th (yes, me included!) as a little treat.

    It’s not the end… it’s a pause. We will post updates as we add things to the land but in the meantime, I would like to thank you ALL for your support, loyalty and friendship over the 10 AMAZING Years we have had at Coms Site 3.
    From me, (Tony) and all of the Staff at Rift Airsoft, we thank you wholeheartedly.

    Tony – R.I.F.T. HQ.
    If you have any contacts for suitable Land for Rent please let me know!

    PHOTOS! 19th of March 2023!

    Mothering Sunday is usually the quietest time for us due to the fact we all have to, I mean "want to" spend time with our Mummies or Family
    So, THANK YOU for joining us instead! Very good turnout at both Sites.
    (I'm sure you still had Family time in the Evening!)

    SORRY about the RIDGE! It rained a LOT a few days before we played there on Sunday and it was rather slippery in places!
    We say, if you can play the RIDGE, you can play ANY Site!
    Summer isn't far away now, so fingers crossed it can only get better!
    We love The RIDGE - it really plays well!

    REDCON-2 had a lot of wonderful and amazing players (so much so, the Marshals were saying what a great day it was with no issues!)
    Thank you for that!
    That is EXACTLY how Airsoft Days should be!
    Enjoy the Photos and see you all next time

    CLICK HERE - March 19 @ REDCON-2

    CLICK HERE - March 19 @ The RIDGE!

    Thank you ALL for Playing at RIFT Airsoft!
    See you all real soon!

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    Sunday 4th of June
    "The BOMB DUMP"
    Middle Wallop
    (near Andover, Hampshire)
    SO20 8DY (see Map on Booking Page for Entrance!)

    Sunday 4th of June
    OX13 6BX

    Sunday 11th of June

    Sunday 18th of June
    OX13 6BX

    Sunday 25th of June
    "THE RIDGE!"
    Barton Le Clay
    (near Luton)
    MK45 4LG (nearest Postcode)
    (see MAP on booking page for Entrance location)


    Sunday 2nd of July
    "The BOMB DUMP"
    Middle Wallop
    (near Andover, Hampshire)
    SO20 8DY (see Map on Booking Page for Entrance!)

    Sunday 2nd of July
    OX13 6BX

    Sunday 9th of July

    Sunday 16th of July
    OX13 6BX

    Sunday 23rd of July

    Sunday 30th of July
    "THE RIDGE!"
    Barton Le Clay
    (near Luton)
    MK45 4LG (nearest Postcode)
    (see MAP on booking page for Entrance location)

    More Dates added soon!


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