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    Next month I'll be picking up an L96A1 clone (not 100% decided which one yet, depends on funds.) for some filmsim games I'm thinking of joining. I was looking to get one anyway so its just a happy coincidence I got invited. Only thing is that I don't know what scope would be best as a period scope, in both look and performance. I know that even in perfect conditions I won't REACH much beyond 100m even of I've got the luck of the gods with me, but I'd still like to SEE as far as possible to fulfil the scouting role better.

    TL : DR What's the best 80's period NATO scope for British L96A1

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    This is a pretty good place for information on firearms all be it movie based

    Mentions some scope types you could research. AliExpress does some reasonable clones of scopes once you know what you want.
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