Ok guys , so new here, years and i means years since i've used a forum. used to be glued to several lol.

So i have a Tokyo Marui M4A1 which i got with same brand m1911A1

nice haul with 85 quid webbing and chargers gas batteries etc etc £40

Just sold the unmentioned red dot sight for 20 so it owes me 20 quid.

love the 1911, wanted one, then glock, got this 1911,and way better than my AA glock.

anyways, guns in question, and i'm very new to all this, only done four skirmishes and on way to shift your rifts.

I'm hoping a decent rifle. so the tm m4 was firing 65 fps on sunday. pee pee poor.

I bought a faulty asg mt 18 in a private deal with white sphere. probably only needed a mosfet replacing, only place i can find where the fault would be.

anyways i've completly changed the TM gearbox from front to rear wire, added the pistion and nozzle and springs from the newer unused mt18, kept the TM motor and incase the leak was in the hop up system i kept the mt 18 barrel and hop up unit.

its denting my shed wall after its gone thorugh a ply beurau. don't worry it was/is scrap man cave grade.

i'm hitting mushy pea cans at 60 feet and knocking them over. i think better than 65 fps lol

can't wait to chrono and give it its virigin fight at rifts.

see you soon.

down the shed with jason (YT)

video to follow of the firing. may get one of some dismantle but no build was recorded as was winging it with youtube videos showing me what i had to do lol