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    Mercenary with a broken heart

    Hello guys, some of you may remember me Mercenary, Andrew Malkin

    Sorry I haven’t been for so long, missing it so much.

    I have a heart condition and have an operation hopefully next month as long as they don’t change the date.

    If all goes well and I can recover and not always be out of breath then I hope to come back next year and start playing ( I will be a lot slower than I was before ), I will still get in the fire fights though as used to love that so much.

    Anyway I’ve posted in the trade section, I have a like new Dan Wesson for sale, if you want pictures find me on Facebook, you will know it’s me by my profile picture.

    TTFN hope I can come back next year.

    P.s can’t wait to go up against Mark Cox, great guy

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    We ALL wish you the BEST of luck Andy!
    Hope all goes well!

    Look forward to seeing you soon!

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