Fully licensed H&K replica. Externally this RIF is amazing and is built like an absolute tank, constructed almost fully of metal. It also features an 8mm bearing gearbox, metal tooth piston and MOSFET pre-fitted to extend the life of the trigger contacts. This gun comes as stock and I have never opened it up or messed around with it.

The rifle comes with an H&K 300rnd hi-cap magazine, the key used to wind the magazine, manual, safety instructions, the original test sheet the gun came with, and the original box.

The gun is very accurate with an amazing hop unit. The only issues I have encountered with it are the occasional lock-up while using single shot and some overspin if using a freshly charged 11.1v battery, however, this did not happen when I last tested it with an 11.1v and it fired well.

Any questions please feel free to contact me. Collection only from Northampton, or I can potentially bring it to a RIFT game.