Hello there!

the below rifs have been replaced by my TM NGRS AK102.
Rather than letting them gather dust i am selling them at reduced prices.
Alot of blood, sweat, tears and BBs went into these rifles.
All items can be posted at additional costs, however if collected i can include lipo batteries.
(i am in the process of moving house, additional Batteries and Magazines may appear!)

Cyma CM.040B- £150

My main AK for the last few years. not much of the original parts inside.
Perun Mosfet installed, 16:1 gears, new internals and motor.
6.03x363mm Tightbore barrel. Recommended BB weight 0.28g or higher.
Recommended Battery, 11.1v Lipo (if collected 2 batteries will be included)
x1 Hi cap magazine included in the price.
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Cyma CM.040J - £120

My backup AK/ the rifle i would lend to friends when their own guns failed! Very Reliable.
Titan Warhead Mosfet installed, Jcage bearings installed.
Carbine length outer barrel and Tm Spec 6.05x363mm inner barrel.
Recommended Battery? runs on both 7.4v or 11.1v Lipos
(if collected x1 7.4v battery will be included)
x1 Hi Cap Magazine
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Elite Force H8R - £30

The revolver that saved my bacon during the cold nights of the Zombie Events.
stock except for a threaded barrel insert. this comes with 5 disc magazines.
***Please note - there is a crack in the silver co2 Bulb Guide inside the grip (see pic2)***
this pistol is Gas Tight with no leaks, co2 bulbs can be provided if collected
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Want more magazines for your AK? you can never have too many! £5 each.
the top line of Mid Cap magazines have mapleleaf 120% springs
( I have Hi caps of this style... Somewhere they will be £5 once i find which box they are in)
the bottom line are all standard Mid caps except the Hi Cap Magazine (Bottom Right)
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AK Externals -

From Left to Right
Cyma Magpul Style Stock - £20 (please note this will not fit the above AKs)
5KU Zenithco Stock w/ Cyma Adaptor - £30
5KU Zenithco B30/B31 Ris Handguard - £50
5KU Zenithco B33 Railed Dustcover Tan - £30
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