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    Talking Great day today !! Com3 14th April

    Had a great day today at RIFT and as always found the majority of players friendly and fair. Well done to Tony and the team and good effort in trying something new with the hazard team although it maybe didnt suit the site with the numbers present.

    Highlight was taking down 3 or 4 Hazard teams on a lone wolf attack outside the Kill House flag game, even getting high praise from the boss...

    Also a great effort by the red team, some good players out there and great support and team work today.

    Looking forward to the next one and becoming a RIFT member...

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    Had a good day today as usual!! hazard team was a laugh, enjoyed working as a smaller team! was nice to try something bit different... Having 70 odd players against you was a tad on the scary side!!
    Overall had a great time! Got Hit in the mouth & teeth... Luckily all still in tact! Full face here I come x

    Proud Captain of R.I.F.T. Airsoft's "Scream Team!"

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    It was my first time at R.I.F.T. today, I'm a regular down at Finmere, and I must say I had a fantastic time. Everyone was extremely friendly, marshalls/staff and players alike, and I was treated like one of your own. Hit taking was spot on, with only one definite instance I saw of non hit-taking. At any rate, giving the player the benefit of the doubt and assuming he didn't feel/hear the bbs as it does happen.

    The level of sportsmanship was up there with the best sites I've visited, everyone was super friendly as I've already said, and the facilities are fantastic, love the layout of the site. The fast paced games are another major difference from my usual sites (Finmere and GZ) which are more sneaky and tactical based.

    Although I came out of the end of the day absolutely shot to pieces from being the perpetual point man of the blue team (I was the bloke in multicam gear, shemagh, brown stripes on my face usually seen running ahead of the team screaming like a nutter.... and very shortly thereafter heading back to respawn), I enjoyed every minute of it, and since, by good fortune, the game days don't clash with finny, I can make comsite 3 my second airsoft home. It's the only site I've been to which matches finny for friendliness; the mark of a friendly site is being able to turn up by yourself and always have someone to talk to for the whole day; and, in my opinion, the gameplay outclassed many of the regular game days at finny, just based on this one day's experience.

    Very impressed with everything about your site and I'm looking forward to seeing you all again in the near future. Special shoutout to Dre and Dom for being helpful and giving me someone to talk to all day, and Tony for putting on a great game day!



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    . Glad you had a great day Jim, lovely to meet u, you were smiling alot even after the head shots!! Certainly was lots of those during the day! See ya soon

    Hazel = Red Wine and Rabbits!
    R.I.F.T. Airsoft - Head of Catering.

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    Once again, what an awesome day. I loved the hazard team idea as it definatly kept you on your toes and trying to defend the kill house against them was fun. The birthday game was awesome albeit shot to buggery, i loved every long minute of it. There was some awesome kills on the day and the hit taking was spot on from what i saw and the marshalls where exactly where they needed to be especially to regulate the kill house. cant wait till the next game.
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    Great all round today !
    Wind was even fun at times to use to bend bbs around trees / corners few nice sneaky kills made this way

    Good new fun games that were thought out and worked well and if they didn't (Tony) re done them with a tweak witch done the Job !

    Reds worked very well together today. Me and a Few of our team had comms today witch we used well

    Havok team ... Not to sure, but glad you tried it
    But I liked it when there way a objective to take from them both teams fighting for the building

    One gripe I had all day with kinda hit taking.. I spent a good 5 mins to flank the enemy got behind 6 of them had my gun up on my shoulder fired into this guys chest only for him to raise his gun and shoot me
    Made me pretty mad as I had to call my hit aswell if the guy took his hit I could of wiped out a lot of there team (witch ALL had there back to me
    all they sneakiness flanking wasted

    All round top day something that you expect from the Rift crew (marshals were so on every piece of action today they really were a credit to Tonys team )

    Thanks again

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    Another quality day of airsofting! Great to watch Jo and Jim sprint ahead of the team with no support every game and make great progress!

    I genuinely can't walk today and am off work, but it's always worth it - I'll be up and ready by the next game!

    Thanks to Tony and Hazel and everyone at Team RIFT for still providing the best airsoft site there is.


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    Great day, great games, good company....excellent food only my second visit at RIFT coms3 but can see the planned changes to the site taking place already.
    Tony and the crew made it a thoroughly enjoyable days airsofting ... Thanks to all of you for making us feel welcome.

    Team MISFITS

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    was good to see Airsoft from a different perspective being my first time marshalling it really made me appreciate just how much work and effort goes into a game day and really can not say thank you enough to tony and the staff for doing tirelessy for so long to make our days better!! It was awesome watching some of the fire fights going on and think both teams played really well! loved the hazard team but saw also the frustration side of it as they were really good and communicated well and hit both teams really hard!!
    now looking forward to the next one!!!


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    First time at Rift and have to say it was epic, loved every minute of it even through the constant plastic wall of death that Red team launched at us. Everyone was really friendly and had some amazing moments throughout the day.

    Big Thanks to Tony and the team for running a great day. Will definitely be coming back here on the 5th.

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